Beautiful Locations Aid Addiction Treatment

Beautiful locations are a big factor in aiding one’s recovery, but oftentimes people are unaware of such. However, the fact of the matter is, we aren’t that different from nature; we live as it lives, and die as it dies. Not only that, but the both of us thrive off each other—as well as sunlight—as plants need the carbon dioxide we give off to survive, and we need the oxygen they give off in order to breathe.

Consequently, we forget such things, and push nature away from us through destruction and industrialization. But, when we take the time to get away from the hustle and bustle around us (cars, loud buildings, etc.) we begin to find ourselves uniting with the nature around us. In doing so, we no longer begin to disconnect ourselves physically, but perceive nature as our equal. As this takes place, we begin to find healing not just through ourselves, but the world which surrounds us. For, we can not only focus on “self” but “surrounding”.

Furthermore, we become adapted to the world around us just as easy as other creatures, but not in the right sense. For as they camouflage to nature, we camaflouge to the world—as we become adapted to civilization—which in turn can hinder an addict’s recovery. In turn, we find ourselves in a fixed position, with an inability to grow or further develop in that of our recovery—and be shaped into that of a sober lifestyle.

In addition, it is said that, “our physiological, psychological, and emotional states change as our surroundings change” (Hale, Psychology Today). As a result, do you ever ask yourself why you feel better when you sit outside for lunch, rather than inside? Or wonder why you begin to find yourself in a state of peace? It’s due to that which surrounds you. For, you aren’t confined to four walls, but have movable space, as well as an increased amount of oxygen.

In conclusion, that’s why beautiful locations aid in addiction treatment, as you choose to go, rather than just dreaming of the places you could be. Through doing such, you begin to realize it’s not so difficult after all to overcome your addiction, but that it’s in fact possible. Sometimes we need motivation to do so, and the world around us doesn’t give us that. But, as we look to nature we not only gain solace, but purpose. For, we realize that the world around us is bigger than we could ever be, and bigger than any problem which exists in that of our lives. It’s then that you begin to realize if the earth can be trampled on day by day, overcome, and still be beautiful then so can you.

If addiction treatment in a natural setting would help you or a loved one, consider Canada’s scenic locations for recovery, such as rehab in the Canadian Rockies, treatment centers in BC, and addiction treatment on Canada’s Sunshine Coast.

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