Rehab In The Mountains

Soft snowfall carpets the barren ground, leaving minimal interaction from the nearby mountains. Meanwhile, an abundance of bright white settles over the terrain, and awe leaks out from that of an open-mouthed woman—as her eyes haze over with hopefulness. The allure of the Colorado Mountains, exceeds that which she envisioned; and the solidified summit obscures the cloud-covered sun, as she begins her journey towards recovery.

Landscapes—such as this—redeem individuals in the midst of addiction. For, various treatment centers allow one to be in touch with art through the nature which surround him/her—as well as that which he/she creates (through the arts). As a result, therapeutic recreation is established through past times such as; art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, hiking, etc.

Primarily, art therapy uses “the process of self-expression, and the resulting artwork to help clients understand their emotional conflicts, develop social skills, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, reduce anxiety, and restore normal function to their lives.” In turn, as addicts engage in such they develop a better understanding of their behaviors, actions, and emotions—in relation to the addiction itself.

Equine therapy is another form of mountainside rehab, as it “incorporates horses in an effort to address behavioral issues.” A certain mutualism transpires between horse and human, and the emotions of each move in sync—finding comfort in one another. It is through such that both are capable of functioning as a team, uniting as one.

Next, there’s yoga, which aids in relieving stress (repressed by that of the addict). As a result, it allows one to focus—and control—that of their breathing, which not only heals him/her physically, but mentally as well. In turn, it assists in uniting mind and body—so that individuals can overcome their addiction through self-healing.

And finally, there’s hiking which offers silence and clarity to those who are struggling with addictions—and allows peace to accompany them heart, mind, and soul. In effect, as they take time to overlook the world which surrounds them, the pleasing picturesque brings solace in the midst of their addiction.

In conclusion, rehab in the mountains, has an unlimited amount of possibilities. Listed above are but few of the recreations, as there are several unique treatment methods—depending on the recovery center chosen. An example of this can be seen through Soaring Hope Recovery which includes notable therapy, such as; “Spiritual/Experiential Therapy”, “family/relationship repair”, “career rehabilitation,” etc. Through similar locations, individuals are ensured of a safe and comfortable environment, where they can care, and be cared for by others.


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