Rehab on the Ocean

Salt water gently laps against the shoreline of the white-sanded beachas one cloud billows out, blanketing the sun on occasion, amidst the clear skies of the day. A youthful woman frolics across the boardwalk in the nearby distance, balancing on the edge of the wood, but soon becomes distracted by the hard outer layer of a pastel colored sea shell. Meanwhile, birds rejoice while flying overhead, and each wave of the ocean displays a vast body of crystal blue, uniting creation.

Oftentimes, illustrating a vivid image—such as the one featured—serves as a temporary release, engrained in the forefront of our minds. However, there are moments when experience should triumph visualization. For, as we experience the beauty of creation through observation, we begin to see our own selves within it—allowing us to ponder on the magnificent construction of our own beings.

The splendor of the Florida Keys then manifests itself into existence, and in doing such healing is found in the most unexpected of places—for both men and women grappling with substance abuse. Yet still, relief in nature is frequently shadowed by our ignorance and misunderstanding, even as it presents itself through the outside world. Nonetheless, with oceanside rehab comes peace, as it empowers those who are hurting by way of tranquility—granting them a chance to obtain control of their lives once more.

In turn, recreational activities such as; swimming, walking, running, hiking, yoga mediation—and other such exercise—are oftentimes nurtured through oceanside facilities. For, the state of mind (both emotional and mental), is not the sole focus—in contribution to an individual’s recovery—but the person’s physicality and spirituality as well. Therefore, as all patients take part, the natural elements which surround them, furnish in their success.

Furthermore, a certain solace can be found in the midst of distress—as nature becomes a comforting companion. The oceanside offers one to the ability to feel unashamed of his/her weaknesses, while receiving the necessary and needed treatment. Other facilities may not evoke such sentiment, and instead make one feel trapped—causing concern in his/her life—as he/she begins to question his/her self worth.

Therefore, as individuals who are faced with addiction embark on such a journey they have to make an underlying choice based on where they’ve been, and where they want to go? As they look within themselves, they begin to find the best option for them; for, sometimes healing comes through the simplest things—the vitamins of the sun’s rays, the wind which runs the course of one’s skin, and the budding and blooming flowers which trail their way towards the sky (for them it is just the beginning).

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