Benefits of spending time in Nature

A good number of us are not aware of the immense benefits that comes with spending ample time in nature. It would interest you to know that time spent in nature adds greatly to your life in various ways unimaginable.

Below are some benefits of spending time in nature

  • Stress reduction: If you want to relax and stretch your muscles, one of the activities to do is spend time in nature. It is important for us to unplug sometimes and connect to nature. You will be surprised at the calming effects that would be produced on our brains and bodies.

You can also take advantage of this to exercise in nature and get your heart working optimally.

  • Improves memory: Based on research, spending time in nature helps to improve your memory. According to the research which was conducted by the University of Michigan, students who went on a walk regularly, were better at retaining the information stored in their brain.
  • Better sleep: For people who have sleep-related disorders, spending time in nature is one of the best ways to sleep better. When you spend ample time in nature, your sleep pattern is properly regulated. And when it is time to sleep, the brain ejects the needed amount of melatonin that helps you sleep better.
  • Vitamin D: When you stay too much in the sun, you could get your skin damaged and this can cause cancer in the process. However, the appropriate amount of sunshine you need daily should be between 15-20 minutes daily. This is beneficial in strengthening the bones and reducing the prospects of cancer and other health issues.
  • Better immune system: Spending time in nature equips you to boost your immune system and fight off diseases.
  • Creativity: There are times when we feel out of place and we need time to think and strategize. When you spend time in nature, your creative juices flow and you achieve inspiration in the process.

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